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What's in a Name?

Once upon a time, there was a science fiction role-playing game named Traveller. (Still is, sort of, and it's reviving with a vengeance using the GURPS role-playing system from Steve Jackson Games. Yippee!) And once upon a time (about the same time, actually), a college student named Sam Reynolds had an interstellar Scout character in that game, who received--as a mustering-out benefit--the superannuated scout ship on which he had served for his last 7 years. He named it Spinward Stars. (The Imperial Scout Service, throughout the ship's decades of service, never gave it more than a number--go figure!) The character and campaign both were remarkably short-lived, but the name has never left me.

In reading through the various Traveller literature--rule books, fan materials, etc.--I have never seen the name or term Spinward Stars used. (That doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't been used anywhere; just that I haven't been able to find it.) Spinward Marches, yes. Spinward Main, yes. But never Spinward Stars. So I took it for my own.

For those of you not familiar with the conventions of science fiction and astrocartography, spinward is a galactic "compass" direction in the spiral arms of a galaxy such as the Milky Way. (That's our galaxy, not a sugar-and-caramel confection!) Spinward means "in the direction of galactic spin." The other 5 "compass" directions are anti-spinward or trailing, coreward (toward the galactic core), rimward (toward the galactic rim, the opposite of coreward), north, and south.


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