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Bricks and Mortar

Here are the tools we'll use in building a site index.

The last two are mine, of course.

To follow along through this tutorial and build your own image gallery, you will need the listed building blocks. Download and install them from the listed URLs.

The Indexer Suite

Available from, the Indexer Suite provides tools for creating and maintaining keyword indices of tables and web page entries in Frontier's ODB. In fact, it can index anything that you can put into Frontier's ODB, and anything that you can refer to from the ODB as well--as long as you can come up with some way of associating keywords with the item.

In this tutorial, we'll use the Indexer to build and maintain a set of keyword indices for the pages in your website. In addition, we'll use its index visit (scan) functionality to generate a keyword directory[1] of the site.

The TableMenu Agent

Available from, this package automatically installs and removes local, application-specific menus as you open and close windows.

We will add a menu to the gallery website table to make tools for managing the gallery readily accessible. The TableMenu Agent will install the menu for us when we open the gallery website table or bring it to the front, and will remove the menu when we're not focussing on the gallery.

The Website

This you have to provide. But I assume you have one, or you wouldn't need this tutorial. You can create a new website, or use an existing one. Following the steps of this tutorial will not harm an existing site, though it will add a few new entries to the site.

So let's plan the project.

1 Throughout this tutorial, I will use the term index or "indices" to refer to the keyword cross-reference data structure in the #indices subtable of the website. I will use the term "directory" to refer to the presentation of the index on a web page.

The presentation of the index is generally (and correctly) referred to as an index, and should be labelled as such. The distinction between index and "directory" is introduced so that I can avoid always having to write "index cross-reference table" and "displayed index".

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