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Add Keywords

In order to index your pages, the pages must have keywords in some form that the Indexer Suite can recognize.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is any alphanumeric string. Leading and trailing white space will be stripped when building the index, but embedded white space will remain untouched.

Keyword capitalization is ignored by the Indexer Suite.

If a keyword is specified with colon characters (":"), it will be interpreted as nested topics and subtopics. For example, the keyword "frontier:community" would be interpreted as topic "frontier", subtopic "community".

You can also specify a list of keywords. This can be a string containing a number of keywords separated by commas, or it can be a Frontier List value.

Some examples:

Where Do I Put Keywords?

If you're using the #metaKeyword directive to provide keywords to search engines, you can put them there.

However, I prefer to keep my indexing keywords separate from the keywords that the search portals see. This allows me to use more or different keywords for indexing my site. Besides--search portals don't know about the colon notation for specifying nested topics.

So in this tutorial, we'll use the name "topics", and create a directive #topics in each page we want to index.

Add Keywords to the Pages

Select one of the page entries in your website table. Double-click on it to open it.

Create a new directive #topics at the top of your page, and enter some keywords. For example, the #topics directive of this page looks like this:[1]

#topics "tutorial:site index:keywords,keywords:where"

Add the #topics directive to the other pages in your site. (For this tutorial, just add the #topics directive to a few pages; you can add the others later.)

Now let's build the page index!

1 The #topics directives in this tutorial are for example purposes only. A topical index is not particularly useful in this instance, but they provide material for the sample outputs you will see throughout this tutorial.

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