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So now you know how to build both a keyword index and an alphabetical index of your website, and how to get both out onto a web page, where they can do some good.

We had four specific goals:

  1. A single top-level directory that displays the full keyword index of all pages in the site.
  2. The ability to group entries in the directory alphabetically (by initial letter).
  3. The ability to use the keyword index to generate lists of related pages for a given keyword or keywords.
  4. A single top-level directory that displays the titles of all pages, sorted alphabetically and displayed under alphabetic block titles.

We have completed all of these--you now know how to add this functionality to any and all of the sites you maintain.

That completes the core tutorial. But I have some more tips for you.

Tutorial Contents
Indexing a Website
Bricks and Mortar
Plan the Project
Add Keywords
Build The Keyword Index
Display The Keyword Directory
Build the Alphabetical Index
Display The Alphabetical Directory
Hints and Tips
Downloadable Scripts
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