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About The Examples

To work through the following examples, you should create a new mainResponder website named "onfhTutorial", so that you don't risk damaging an existing website:

For the first three examples, we'll set #objectNotFoundHandler to the address of a handler script. You'll see why when we get to Mixing Modes.

You are now ready to work through the individual examples. We'll start with a mode 1 example.

So let's work through the first example.

Tutorial Contents
Writing an ObjectNotFoundHandler
ONFH Overview
ONFH Modes of Operation
About The Examples
Mode 1 Example
Mode 2 Example
Mode 3 Example
Mixing Modes
Misdirected URLs
ONFH Summary
ONFH Applications
ONFH Resources
Bonus: The "Penultimate" Master Script
Bonus: Mode 3 Utility Script
About the Author