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The XFile Suite provides tools for managing downloadable files in Frontier websites. It works with static and dynamic (mainResponder) websites. It provides a Mode 3 ONFH script that returns to the caller if it is unable to handle a given URL, designed to work with an master ONFH script such as those described on the Mixing Modes and Bonus: The "Ultimate" Master Script pages.

I highly recommend you use XFile rather than the ReturnBinaryObject script in this tutorial. XFile provides much greater capability, and will automatically generate valid download links for you.


The #objectNotFoundHandler feature was briefly introduced to the Frontier community in the mainResponder.respond Update 9/10/99.

The Frontier Site Hierarchy Feature is built using an #objectNotFoundHandler (Mode 1).

Dr. Matt's Exploring Mainresponder articles, especially:

Jason Levine's Manila and #objectNotFoundHandler article: How to add your own ONFH processing to a Manila site--Manila uses ONFH for its own purposes.

Here's a bonus: the "penultimate" ONFH master script.

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