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About the Author

This tutorial was written by Samuel Reynolds (that's me!).

I am a software engineer in the Denver metro area, and live in nearby Parker, CO. I'm largely self-taught in software engineering, coming from a background in general and electronic engineering.

I have used Frontier since the free Aretha (4.0) release on the Mac and (since 5.0.1) on Windows. I use it for task automation, website maintenance, and as an brainstorming tool (the outliner's great for that!). I was also privileged to serve as a UserLand support associate for over 2 years, providing technical support to registered Frontier users through UserLand's Frontier-Users mailing list (password protected for registered Frontier users only).

For other published Frontier materials, please visit my Frontier Scripting website.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful. Please send comments to Samuel Reynolds.

Tutorial Contents
Writing an ObjectNotFoundHandler
ONFH Overview
ONFH Modes of Operation
About The Examples
Mode 1 Example
Mode 2 Example
Mode 3 Example
Mixing Modes
Misdirected URLs
ONFH Summary
ONFH Applications
ONFH Resources
Bonus: The "Penultimate" Master Script
Bonus: Mode 3 Utility Script
About the Author