Frontier 4 Scripting

The Frontier 4.2.3-only versions of my released scripts are presented here.
For current suites, see Frontier Suites.

Website Rendering Suites

  • htmlImage Suite (F4)
    Provides scripts and maintenance utilities to simplify management and use of images in your website. Adds image styles to your toolbox.

  • htmlGallery Suite (F4)
    Builds on htmlImage to simplify the generation of image gallery pages.
    Also uses the Replacer Suite.
    My own miniatures "gallery" was generated using this suite.

CGI Suites

  • Hit Counter Suite (F4)
    Provides a powerful text-only hit counter CGI.
    Uses the AllowDeny suite to avoid counter hijacking.

Application Glue

I've been using Tim Endres' Remote Applescript SHell, or rash, to ease the travails of interfacing with UNIX. You can download my rash glue table (4 kb).

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