My Custom Menu

My custom menu looks like this:
Select Folder...
Guest Databases
Save Open Databases
Add GDB to user.databases
Open user.databases
Copy as String
Copy for EMail
Extract URLs
Extract Links
Build Forwarding Script
Rename Selection
HTML To Outline
Update Modification Dates
List Items Containing String...
Search on Frontier Website...
Look Up Term on
Look Up Term on
Show File Type...
Import Text File...
Import Binary File...
Import Folder of Files...
Export Binary File...
Export Binary Files From Table
Frontier Version
System Version
Copy Frontier and System Version
SCR Menu
Edit Menu
Update Menu
Open User Table
Open Command Table
Most of the menu item scripts are simple calls to a scripts stored in user.command.

If you want to grab and try out most or all of my Custom Menu scripts, you can get my entire command table from this page. Otherwise, you can get the individual scripts from the individual pages. (If you are using Frontier 4.2.3, you will have to get the scripts from the individual pages, since the Frontier table format has changed from F4.2.3 to F5.)

Click on the menu item above or select the name from the navbar to see the implementation for the menu command.

This page is a Fat Page. It includes the above script(s), encoded by and for Frontier. To retrieve the script(s), save the page as source text and open it using the File->Open command.
Copyright © 1998, 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved. Last modified 1999/05/27.
Built with Frontier v.6.0 on Macintosh OS 8.1 on 1999/05/27.