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The site content (text and images) is maintained separate from the appearance and navigation elements. This allows the appearance and navigation elements to be changed without modifying the content. As a result, the modification date at the bottom of each page reflects the date when the content was modified; changing the page appearance or the navigation elements does not force a change in the modification dates, so they can be trusted.

The descriptions here assume that you are familiar with the use of Frontier to maintain websites. For an introduction to Frontier website maintenance or for more information about maintaining websites using Frontier, see the Frontier web site.

Retrieving Embedded Scripts provides instructions for retrieving scripts from these pages.

Client Side Includes describes how you can implement client-side includes using Frontier and JavaScript. This site uses Client Side Includes extensively.

Frames and Links describes how I dealt with (what else?) frames and the links within and external to the site in its previous incarnation.

My Custom Menu details the tools I keep on my custom menu. Most of my menu tool scripts are included as mimi data blocks.

Frontier Utilities details the tools I use that don't need space on my custom menu to be useful.

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