Frontier Utilities

In addition to My Custom Menu scripts, I also have a number of other utility scripts that don't need a place on my custom menu. I keep these utility scripts in a separate table, user.utility.

I will publish them here as time allows.

Note for Frontier 4.2.3 users: Some or all of these utilities may work with Frontier 4.2.3. However, the Install and Remove scripts will not, as they use the "this" variable introduced in Frontier 5.

HideWorkingDBs CloseWindow Callback

Save and hide guest databases on close, instead of closing the GDB files.

ShowAboutOnStartup Callback

Display the About Frontier window (the status window) on startup.

StackWindowSize Callbacks

Restore the size and location of the debug stack window to whatever you last set it to.

TableMenu Agent

Swap in table-specific menus anywhere in the ODB (including in Guest Databases!)

If you want to grab and try out most or all of my Utility scripts, you can get my entire user.utilities table from this page. Otherwise, you can get the individual scripts from the individual pages. (If you are using Frontier 4.2.3, you will have to get the scripts from the individual pages, since the Frontier table format has changed from F4.2.3 to F5.)

This page is a Fat Page. It includes the above script(s), encoded by and for Frontier. To retrieve the script(s), save the page as source text and open it using the File->Open command.

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