ODB name:suites.htmlImage
Version Date:1999/07/16
Compatibility: F5.0.2b20 - F5.1+ - F6.0
Download: Binhex file for Mac (170 kb)
ZIP file for Mac or Windows (123 kb)
Release notes

The HtmlImage Suite

This suite provides a set of tools for managing the #images table of a website in the ODB. It will import images into the table and create links to images (in the form of aliases) through the table. See the #image->Documentation->Tools submenu for more information on the image management tools.

HtmlImage also provides a set of image style scripts to simplify the inclusion of various images for various purposes, while providing a consistent appearance. See #image->Documentation->Image Styles for information on working with image styles.

NOTE: For Frontier 4.2.3, you need the older version of HtmlImage, available at http://www.spinwardstars.com/frontier/f4/.


In order to do its magic, htmlImage requires the regex extension, version 2.0b8 or later, available from http://www.scriptmeridian.org/projects/regex.

HtmlImage uses the fileWriters abstraction mechanism if it is available. If you're using Windows and want to render directly to a remote (FTP) site, you will need Alan German's fileWriter.ftp, which is available from http://www.erols.com/asg/user/html/fileWriters/ftp.html. Alan's fileWriter.ftp uses Frontier's built-in TCP capability on both the Mac and Windows, so if you use it on Mac you won't need an external FTP program on the Mac to allow render-to-remote.


Documentation is available via the #Image->Documentation submenu.

Release Notes

Copyright © 1998, 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved. Last modified 1999/08/03.
Built with Frontier v.6.0 on Macintosh OS 8.1 on 1999/08/03.