Frontier Suites

My released script suites are presented here.
For Frontier 4-only suites or suite versions, see Frontier 4 Scripting.

Website Management and Rendering Suites

  • AllowDeny Suite
    Provides an allow/deny permissions mechanism to eliminate CGI hijacking.

  • HtmlImage Suite
    Provides scripts and maintenance utilities to simplify management and use of images in your website. Adds image styles to your toolbox, for automatically formatting images by function (e.g., figure, icon, thumbnail, etc.).

  • Indexer Suite
    Tools for building and rendering keyword indices for websites or other purposes.

  • JavaScript Suite
    Turns Frontier into a JavaScript development environment.

  • Randomizer Suite
    Provides a utility mechanism to randomly select and process items from anywhere in the ODB.

  • Replacer Suite
    Provides a pair of utility mechanisms: one for tag substitution in text, and the other for processing custom markup in text.

  • Session Suite
    Help with session-specific data: getting a unique session identifier, repeatedly accessing a session data table, expiring a session through timeouts, and deleting/cleaning up session data after completion.

  • ThreadedData Suite
    Help with thread-global data.

  • XFile Suite
    Provides a set of tools for managing files external to the ODB within your website, and for placing them where you want them in your rendered website.
    I use XFile to manage downloadable files within this site.

Other Frontier 5 Tools

You may also want to take a look at my Toolbox section, which contains the contents of My Custom Menu and other Frontier Utilities.

One utility I and others find particularly useful is the TableMenu Agent.

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