ODB name:suites.javascript
Version Date:1999/05/23
Compatibility: F5.0.2b20 - F5.1+ - F6.0
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ZIP file for Mac or Windows (112 kb)
Release notes

The JavaScript Suite

Created by Samuel Reynolds. Copyright © 1998 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved.

See The Need

The Frontier html framework provides the ability to include static JavaScript text into a page when you render it. However, it does not provide any tools to simplify the creation of the JavaScript in the first place. I'm a software developer, and I prefer to be able to assemble a complex script from simpler, well-tested pieces.

So I wrote this JavaScript suite to provide me with the tools I wanted. And I'm publishing it in the hopes that others will find it equally useful.

Fill The Need

The JavaScript suite provides tools for editing JavaScript in the Frontier environment. You can edit JavaScripts as outlines, tables, or wpText, and render them to wpText in the ODB, to files, or directly into your web pages.

Support for macros embedded in your JavaScript allows you to include page-relative information (such as image tags). It also allows you to invoke Frontier scripts to generate JavaScript code, or to include just about anything you want as data in your JavaScript programs.

An Include mechanism is implemented as an embedded macro. This allows you to assemble complex scripts from a library of smaller scripts or script fragments.

And finally, you can extend the JavaScript with your own entity types, and incorporate creation of your new entity types directly into the JavaScript menu.


The JavaScript suite requires the regex extension, available from Script Meridian (http://www.scriptmeridian.org/projects/regex).

It also requires my ThreadedData Suite, available from the same place you got the JavaScript suite.


Documentation is available via the JavaScript->Documentation submenu.

Release Notes

Copyright © 1998, 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved. Last modified 1999/08/03.
Built with Frontier v.6.0 on Macintosh OS 8.1 on 1999/08/03.