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Frontier Portfolio

Plugins for Manila

3rd Party Plugins

As a service to the Frontier Manila community, this site serves as a central directory and clearinghouse for plugins for Manila. Some plugins are distributed from 3PP, and others are linked to from the site. The site concept and design are mine, and I maintain the site.

Filer Plugin

The Filer Plugin enables file sharing in Manila websites, using the familiar metaphor of files and nested folders. This is an alternative to Manila's Gems mechanism, which provides a single, non-nested page of uploaded files. Filer actually predates the Gems mechanism, and provides an alternative--and more familiar--way of working with shared files.

See the Filer plugin in action!

Vacuum Plugin

The Vacuum Plugin reads an email account and adds messages to the Manila discussion group. It detects message threading in the incoming emails (i.e., what message a given one is in reply to) and maintains that threading in the discussion group. Vacuum provides an easy way to archive a mailing list or email interchange. For example, it could be used to archive all incoming and outgoing email communication with a customer.

And because all the messages are posted to the Manila discussion group, they can be indexed and searched just like any other Manila message.

Scripts and Suites for Frontier

Frontier Scripting

A variety of tools and utility scripts written in and for the Frontier scripting environment.

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