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'Til A' the Seas Gang Dry

A 32-bar Strathspey for Three Couples, in a Three-Couple Set
Suggested music: "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" and "Lea Rig"[1]
Author: Samuel Reynolds
Copyright © 1990

[ Diagrams ]

First couple set advancing to partner, then turn using two hands back to place.
First couple dance a figure of eight around second couple, taking hands when possible.

First couple advance toward each other and dance down to second position in the center of the set, then set to partner and end back-to-back facing first corners; second couple step up on bars 13 and 14.

First man and third lady pass right shoulders to end with first man facing up at the bottom of the set and third lady facing out the ladies' side in second position.
   Meanwhile, first lady and second man pass right shoulders to end with first lady facing down at the top of the set and second man facing out the men's side in second position.

First couple change places giving left hands (first man to first man's position, first lady to third lady's position) and remain facing out, while second man with third man and second lady with third lady change places on the side giving left hands; third man and second lady finish with a polite turn.

First man with third man and first lady with second lady change places on the side giving left hands.

Third, first, and second couples advance and retire.

First and second couples dance a full poussette.

Note to the band: I suggest that the music be played AABB to bridge bars 5-12 (as the dance does).

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