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Sam's Dances

With the exception of Scotch Blend, my dances are fairly challenging.

Ann Skipper's Reel

This was my first dance. I wrote it to honor Ann Skipper, founder of the Clan MacLeod Dancers and dance mistress of Clan MacLeod USA. It has become a staple of the Clan MacLeod Dancers demonstration team in southern California, and was published in 1994 in Ann's new collection, If the Ghillie Fits. 32 bar reel in a square set. 1988.

Early Morning Light

I woke up one morning with the Shaker tune Simple Gifts running through my head, and transmuting into an air and a strathspey (actually a march, but...). 32-bar strathspey for three couples. June 1989.

'Til A' the Seas Gang Dry

I wrote this dance for my wife, on the occasion of our second wedding anniversary. 32 bar strathspey in a three-couple set. December 1990.

In the Company of Friends

I turned some bits and pieces into a dance for a new-dance workshop in 1991. 32-bar strathspey in a three-couple set. August 1991.

Fiddler's Fancy

The signature figure in this dance is a set of interlocking reels of 3, with all four couples dancing. The figure was inspired by a thoroughly confused performance of a dance with parallel reels of three--one with 4 people, one with 2. 48-bar reel for four couples. August 1992.


32-bar strathspey for four couples. February 1993.

Silver Circle

Composed in celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of Oberdan and Vanessa Otto of Camarillo, CA. 32 bar strathspey in a 3 couple set. July 1993.

Scotch Blend

This is an around-the-room mixer. 32 bar reel. June 1994.


32-bar strathspey in a three couple set. June 1994.

Ann Skipper's Reel Fiddler's Fancy 'Til A' the Seas Gang Dry
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Scottish Country Dance

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