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FTSymbol Font

Available Formats: TrueType - MacOS - Win

The FTSymbol Font is Copyright © 1998 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved.
Revised 23 January 1998.

The FTSymbol font is a compilation of all the system symbols for the Full Thrust rulebook and More Thrust supplement, published by Ground Zero Games. I have created it to simplify the generation of documents for the Full Thrust/More Thrust game, including customized ship record sheets and scenario documentation.

The FTSymbol Font Guide shows a complete table of symbols in this font, and expains how to use the font.

The attached documentation (ftsymbol.doc in Word 2.x format for Windows or About FTSymbol Font in Word 5.1 format for Mac) contains the same information as the FTSymbol Font Guide. To view or print the documentation, you must install the font, then run Microsoft Word and open the file.


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Copyright © 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved.
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