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LCDMono Font Family

LCDMono Font Family

Available Formats: TrueType - MacOS - Win

The LCDMono Font Family is Copyright © 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved.
Revised 30 October 1999.

A family of liquid-crystal-style typefaces.

LCDMono is a variant of the LCD typeface. It is an upper-case-only typeface. The lower-case characters are identical to the upper-case characters.

The LCDMono font family contains the following fonts:

  • LCDMono-Normal -- a monospaced liquid-crystal-display-style font with an 8-degree slant.

  • LCDMono-Bold -- the bold version of LCDMono.

  • LCDMono-Light -- a lighter-weight version of LCDMono.

  • LCDMono-Ultra -- the ultra-bold version of LCDMono.


  • LCDMono2-Normal -- Same as LCDMono2-Normal, but with wider gaps between character elements (twice as wide, in fact).

  • LCDMono2-Bold -- the bold version of LCD2.

  • LCDMono2-Light -- a lighter-weight version of LCDMono2.

  • LCDMono2-Ultra -- the ultra-bold version of LCDMono2

If you use both large and small type in the same layout or graphic, you may want to use LCDMono for the large type and LCDMono2 for the small type.

These fonts are available in TrueType format for Windows and Macintosh. If you need a Postscript version of these fonts, please contact the author at the email address listed above.

Updated version of these fonts, as well as other fonts, may become available from time to time on the author's fonts website, at


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Copyright © 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved.
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