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Toolkit: Userland Manila

Userland's Manila content management system is easy to use and fairly flexible. The server can be installed on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, MacOS 8+, and Mac OSX systems.

Sites are managed via a web browser interface, so they can be managed from any computer with web access and a modern web browser.

It allows a website administrator to easily manage a website through a browser-based interface. All pages in the site are created and edited in the context of the site's Discussion Group or forum, and individual pages (messages) can be assigned specific web addresses within the site.

Manila allows the site administrator (the Managing Editor, or M.E.) to assign multiple contributing editors, control access to the site and the Discussion Group, and control a variety of site preferences. The M.E. controls the overall appearance of the site via a set of templates.

For additional information on Manila, see Userland's Manila homepage.

Manila Plugins

Manila plugins add functionality to Manila websites. For example, the Metadata Plugin adds new data fields and optional indexing to the site, and the Filer Plugin adds file sharing capability, with a familiar metaphor of nested files and folders. For additional information on Manila plugins, see Userland's plugins reference site or my 3rd Party Plugins website.

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