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Toolkit: Zope

Zope is an open-source web application server. It incorporates an object database, and provides hooks for external SQL databases.

The Zope server can be installed on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Linux, Unix, and Mac OSX systems. (Because of some assumptions made in the underlying code for Zope, it does not run properly on earlier MacOS operating systems.)

Zope websites are managed via a web browser interface, so they can be managed from any computer with web access and a modern web browser.

Zope is written in Python, with some modules coded in C for performance.

For more information on Zope, see

Zope Products

Zope Products are plugins for the Zope environment.

Zope Products can provide functionality up to full database-driven applications, catalogs, and e-commerce. They can be written in Python, C, or C++.

A variety of Zope Products are readily available, mostly in open-source (free for use) form. Some examples:

  • Disussion forum
  • FAQs generator
  • Events calendar
  • Online stores
  • Defect tracking system
  • Many others!

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