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Samuel Reynolds' Curriculum Vitae

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Object-oriented software engineer--web or standalone application development, C++, Python.

I am currently looking for a new job or contract.

I'm a software engineer, and I live in Parker, Colorado (in the Denver metro area).
If you need a software engineer with object-oriented C++ skills (among many others!), feel free to view or download my resume.

A note to recruiters: Before you distribute my resume to potential employers, please contact me at


Software Engineering
  • Object oriented analysis, design, and programming
  • Object oriented modelling and simulation
  • Software construction and refactoring
  • Software prototyping
  • User-interface design
  • UML modelling
  • Rational Rose and Together/C++ design tools
  • DOORS requirements management
Programming--Unix, Macintosh, Windows
  • C++ object-oriented programming
  • Scripting in Usertalk (Userland Frontier)
  • Scripting and object-oriented programming in Python
  • Some Unix shell scripting
  • Some programming in Java and Perl
  • Macintosh application development
Technical Writing and Training
  • Technical writing, digital publishing, computer graphics
  • Hands-on training and instructional lectures
  • Expert with Microsoft Office tools
  • Visio; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe InDesign; HyperCard; Fontographer
  • Website design, implementation, and maintenance (see below)
  • On-line tutorials (see below)
Web Development
  • Custom and semi-custom web applications
  • Groupware for internet/intranet
  • Userland Frontier/Manila web application server
  • Zope web application server
  • Python CGI
  • HTML and XML generation and manipulation
  • Website design, implementation, and maintenance
Other Skills
  • Digital typeface design
  • Some CORBA (Orbix) exposure
  • Neuron Data cross-platform GUI toolkit (C++)
  • Decision analysis methodology
  • Project management
  • Familiarity with Macintosh, Unix, and Windows
  • Digital and analog electronic circuit design
  • Digital signal processing
  • Electronic test design and documentation
  • FORTRAN and Basic programming

  Patents and Publications  

2000/01/19Tutorial (Frontier): Writing an ObjectNotFoundHandler.
Changing the way a Frontier website handles unrecognized page URLs.
1999/08/19Tutorial (Frontier): Indexing a Website.
Using the Indexer Suite to automatically index your Frontier website.
1999/01/28Tutorial (Frontier): Writing Table Renderers.
Presenting arbitrary data in your Frontier website.
1998/11/28Tutorial (Frontier): Working With Threads.
Speed up and streamline your Frontier web applications and CGIs.
1998/09/27Tutorial (Frontier): Managing Your Custom Menu.
How to get the most out of Frontier's Custom menu.
1997Patent: "Methods for Measuring the Power Linearity of Microwave Detectors for Radiometric Applications."
1995/04Article: "Methods for Measuring the Power Linearity of Microwave Detectors for Radiometric Applications."with V. S. Reinhardt et al.Microwave Theory and Techniques, 43, 4.
1995/01Article: "ClarisDraw: Claris' Latest (and Greatest?)."MacDigest, 13, 1.
1994/03Article: "Earthquake Art: How'd They Do That Logo?"MacDigest, 12, 3.
1992/08/25Patent: "Passive Microwave Near-Field Tomographic Imaging System and Method."US patent # 5,142,291.
1991/12/10Patent: "Radiometer System Incorporating a Cylindrical Parabolic Reflector and Minimum Redundancy Array Feed."US patent # 5,072,226.
1991/02/19Patent: "Polystatic Correlating Radar."US patent # 4,994,809.
1988/11/08Patent: "Simultaneous-Delay Correlator Apparatus."US patent # 4,783,640.

  Formal Education  

Continuing Education:

Object Oriented Analysis
Object Oriented Design
Structured System Design
Decision Analysis
Digital Signal Processing
Antenna Design

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering
Northrop University, Inglewood, California, 1983

Please contact me to discuss your requirements:
Samuel Reynolds
Telephone: 303-805-1446

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