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Make me a part of your development team, or let me help you set up a team.

I am available for short-term or long-term contracts, full- or part-time.

For Hire: Internet/Intranet Development

I Can Develop, or Help You To Develop...

  • A knowledge management system
  • A content management system
  • A two-way web system to better connect you with your customers
  • Plugins for Userland Manila
  • Products for Zope
  • CGI scripts in Python
  • Custom web applications using Userland Manila, Zope, or Python CGI
  • Web Services for integrating legacy systems
  • Other requirements? Just ask!


  • Website design, implementation, and maintenance
  • Information architecture
  • User interface design
  • Interactive and collaborative websites
  • Content management
  • Knowledge management
  • CGI
  • Requirements analysis
  • Analysis, design, and programming
  • Relational database and data modeling
  • UserLand Frontier scripting
  • Userland Manila plugins
  • Zope Products
  • Web services


  • Userland Manila content management system
  • UserLand Frontier scripting environment and web application server
  • Zope web application server
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • UML
  • SQL
  • Some Java and Perl
  • Alpha
  • TextPad
  • Visio
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • MicroFrontier Enhance
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Please contact me to discuss your requirements:
Samuel Reynolds
Telephone: 303-805-1446

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